Narcissistic me!

i just wonder if i have an existence distinctly unique? or is just a desire, a longing to be unique?

as usual i don't make any sense, i know. but then, i keep imagining myself to be special. to be touched by the gift of god, in a special way! strange ain't it? narcissistic desires!!!! phew, i sure am narcissistic, for one thing.


is it a problem or a disorder, if i happen to like myself , a bit, errr... maybe a li'll too much!!!!

hmmm.... i just don't get it!!!

what if am my best friend?!? would ya call that narcissism??

what if i love myself for the little things i do?? is that again self-love?

hmm, i just dunno!

and maybe, i'l neva get to know too...!

then why the heck am i typing all this out, i wonder?!?!?