So Long...!!

Its been quite a while that I've been thinking of doing this - A Final Note, a Goodbye. I have reached a stage of life where I have lost the inspiration to write or read or do anything related to it. I have joined for my masters. And I want to make the best use of the opportunity. And since most of the networking and blogging sites are blocked at college, I wouldn't be frequent in this space anymore, I guess. I am sad, for losing touch with people who have been a part and parcel of my life, all through the past 2-3 years. Also it makes me sad that I am not the same person I used to be. I don't miss anything by not writing. I don't miss anything by not reading. I don't miss anything of this space today. I don't want to forget anyone from this virtual world. And I don't want to remember anyone from this world too. Guess I need to come into terms with this whole goodbye scenario! Well, I feel that its one of the good things. Makes one realize how attached one has been to someone or something :)

I would like to thank each and everyone of you. Your comments have always been a constant encouragement for me to pen down my thoughts! Thank you, once again. Over and over again. Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't. Either ways, I'd be happy. And I know, I'd fade away (or already must have) into the backdrop of some faint memory of your life, the virtual realm of it; to be wiped off with time. But am glad, I have been there, be it for a mere moment! That's what makes living all this worthwhile :) Love to everyone! Prayers, always :) God bless!!

Don't want to sign off with a Goodbye. So let me say So Long...Until we meet again!! :)