First Day at College!!

I walked in through the college gate and reached the portico. Calicut Medical College- embossed in thick, the words rang a tinkle in my mind! Pleasure, of being there!

Gently moved in, the corridor seemed crowded- seniors, juniors- all the usual horde. Feeling all confident (overconfident!) i walked in, i headed straight to the co-operative store... Wanted to buy myself a few pens. The place seemed highly crowded and there were just two men in the store; one of them sitting in leisure, playing on his cell phone, at the cashier's desk. the other guy seemed to strain so hard to meet to all the demands of the people. He seemed so very tired. I couldn't stay silent. i went over to the guy(handsome, i must add) at the cashier's desk and gave him a "how-derogatory-look". He looked puzzled at first.

Then asked "What could i do for you? "

All smug, i replied :"Can't you see the poor chap's state? He's working so hard while you sit and play with your cell phone.. Got some conscience?Can't you offer some help?"

"Am sorry.. I got carried away madam. What do you want?"

I felt good and calm. Relaxed, i gave my order. all done, I walked my way back to class.
Half way, i heard a voice, calling out to me, asking me to stop. Confused, i turned back! And lo-

Walking over to me, the cashier chap, with his white coat on, a Steth draped around his neck, all smiles. Petrified i stood watching. Gasp, I'd goofed up, yet again!!!

Smiling my all-embarrassed-smile, i stood. He walked over to me and said teasing "You need anything, just gimme a buzz... Am Rahul, final year." Smiling hard, he walked away.
I stood stone-like, watching him go. And as he reached the stairs, he turned back and gave a wink! And i smiled, sheepishly!

A fab first day, ain't it? ;)