So Long...!!

Its been quite a while that I've been thinking of doing this - A Final Note, a Goodbye. I have reached a stage of life where I have lost the inspiration to write or read or do anything related to it. I have joined for my masters. And I want to make the best use of the opportunity. And since most of the networking and blogging sites are blocked at college, I wouldn't be frequent in this space anymore, I guess. I am sad, for losing touch with people who have been a part and parcel of my life, all through the past 2-3 years. Also it makes me sad that I am not the same person I used to be. I don't miss anything by not writing. I don't miss anything by not reading. I don't miss anything of this space today. I don't want to forget anyone from this virtual world. And I don't want to remember anyone from this world too. Guess I need to come into terms with this whole goodbye scenario! Well, I feel that its one of the good things. Makes one realize how attached one has been to someone or something :)

I would like to thank each and everyone of you. Your comments have always been a constant encouragement for me to pen down my thoughts! Thank you, once again. Over and over again. Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't. Either ways, I'd be happy. And I know, I'd fade away (or already must have) into the backdrop of some faint memory of your life, the virtual realm of it; to be wiped off with time. But am glad, I have been there, be it for a mere moment! That's what makes living all this worthwhile :) Love to everyone! Prayers, always :) God bless!!

Don't want to sign off with a Goodbye. So let me say So Long...Until we meet again!! :)


Its perfectly fine,Sashu if you've decided to call it a day for now.Dont worry,just keep one thing in mind,if and whenever you decide to come back to this space you'll find me here to read you as always.

Good luck with your masters and all your future endevours.

May God bless you :)

all the best Sashu...hope u will be back sometime...and hope my blog is alive till then!

I really do hope that u'll be back here to enthrall us all once u are done with your masters..
all the best for ur future :)

All the very best Sashu:))

You have a knack for writing... but you know that from all our comments and the way we respond to your writing:)

so all I would say is that we will be waiting for you right here:)
take your time:)
go explore new worlds:)
and come back..whenever you want to:)

Ohh...So this will be my first and last comment here...anyways I read some of the blogs and I found them interesting... Well all the best for your masters.

great people make comebacks

Just want to tell you one thing Sash...I'll be waiting for you. Now. Always. :) Good luck with your Masters and I really hope your life turns out the way you want it too. Just remember, there's somebody who's thinking about you and praying for you. :) Take care and God Bless. :)

:) I'm waiting right here... :)


Congratulations Sashu!
Best wishes in your new Institution, do well. Will be here, looking forward to reading you whenever you wish to, and are able to write again :)