The special lady...

On my way back home, I saw a lady, in the bus. She seemed like a frail old lady, off to see her grandchildren or so. Her smile was genuine and her eyes were so full of expectations. Am an observer by nature. So I couldnt help, but notice her darned old saree, yet starched and well kept! Her hands were sore, yet held the strength that her eyes hid.

I found myself weaving stories about the lady stranger. She had the grace and charm of someone who has been powerful and enigmatic in her youth. She was not the feeble kind who just gave up on life, when something went wrong. Maybe she stayed alone, as suggested by her travelling alone. Or maybe she left behind her husband, for a small stay at her children's place. Either ways, she was alone. Yet she wasnt sad about it, am sure. Either a calm acceptance of the situation or else a long stint of being alone. It was either of those, I convinced myself.

I looked up at her once again. Age had beautified her grace.Her wrinkles shone of wisdom profound. Her eyes had the depth of experiences. Her grey hair added to her charm. It made her even more grand than ever. I found her hands fumble, foraging through her tiny vanity bag of the 70's. I felt curious as to what exactly was she rummaging for. And then, she held a small book, and started to sift through the pages. I found the book to be tiny black leather bound Bible. Her face seemed brilliantly lit up, a newly found light calming her. I felt strange, watching the lady in solitude.

Soon, my cellphone started to ring. And I slipped into a world of my own. After a while, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and to my surprise, I found the old lady near me, smiling. Her eyes showered such warmth and I felt myself special. She smiled, her hands still on my shoulder, patting me. And said "God bless you, my child"!! Not another word, she moved away. I felt shaken, and before I could offer even a thanks, she had got down from the bus, leaving me bamboozled.

I got down and walked home, my mind still in a daze. A feeling of absolute incredulity hung itself over me. Yet I knew no feeling could be as genuine as the warmth and care, the old lady's gesture filled me with. I havent met her ever after. But somehow, the aura of her, still remains brilliantly lit, in me...


And it is said - exorcists can sense a devil too well! :P