29 february 2008!!!

2008, a leap year!!!!

strange!! i feel this leap year thing is very strange... not for its existence... but for its face value!
i mean, its not very often that ya come across a feb 29th! n when it comes, it never creates a bang...it just goes by unnoticed...why??

i often wonder about people who are born on feb 29th! celebrating birthdays ain't important...but calculating them could turn tricky! and somehow i have a huge fascination for people born on this day! but i hardly know anyone! thats the sad part!

just as i am penning this down i get this urge of getting married on a feb 29th! i mean, that would cause a lotta benefits!

  • no yearly expenditure on gifts, parties, anniversary celebrations.
  • no fights and arguments over forgotten anniversaries
  • no chance of unwanted demands for treats at work and among friends
  • finally, when it comes once in 4 years, you just feel you-hafta make it special.
see, ain't it a wonderful romantic date to get married? maybe i should keep that in mind... the next one's in 2012.. gee..that is a long time ahead! hehe... maybe i should skip the feb 29th plans after all!!!! hehehe!

married bliss cant be delayed, can it be? :D



Wow!! That was such a deep yet a witty write!! Good keen sense of observation must say!! Kinda liked ur thoughts about the advantages you mentioned there.....though I would say its a bliss of having something repeat annually...and not after such a long gap !!!