Touch Wood

The morning sun peeked in through the curtains. It irked me to no extend, having to wake up forcefully. Sigh! Mom was even more lenient than this, I fathomed. Reluctantly I sat up on the king size bed, stretched my arms wide.Ah! It feels good, after all!After what seems like a quarter of an hour , I forced myself out of the bed, the blankets tangled up, caught at my ankles. I pried open the knots. the clock showed 7am. Pretty early by my standards rather.

I went up to the television stand, put on a DVD in the player and went ahead with my morning ablutions. The music of Ghulam Ali filled the air. Soothing melodious ghazal "chupke chupke..." floated into my ears. Fresh as a daisy, I stepped out in my robe and started to rummage through the wardrobe. Am no celebrity to have oodles f clothes, but I do have a pretty good stock! Picking out blue denims n a white kurti, I change into it. Gosh, I need to lose weight! Its getting scary. And is that a pimple? Darn! After a vain attempt at cursing the pimple off,I moved onto make myself a cup of hot coffee... There's nothing like a warm coffee in morn, don't you agree?

I forced myself not to peek into your room. If you can play the game, so canI. Ii tiptoed into the kitchen, fixed myself a coffee n toast. My thoughts mauled at me- do I make some for you too? And would you accept it or just toss it away? My already battered ego needs no further toss. So I decided against it. Sipping coffee and reading the newspaper, I sat in the kitchen. After a while I heard a range of swearing and cursing, from your room. I felt good, knowing that you are finding it hard to manage without me. A wee bit proud of myself, if you can understand. And then, I heard the door slammed shut- the bathroom door, I gathered. And I chuckled.

Clearing off my breakfast, I got ready for the day out. Being a no-fuss person I don't take too much time to get ready! Actually speaking, everyone in my family says am a quickie in everything. Guess so! With my hair tied up in a pony tail, kohl lined eyes and a shade of nude lip gloss, am ready for the day. I wonder if I should tell you that am leaving, and decided to leave a note by the refrigerator. I know you'd never miss your morning juice. So a note I penned "Off now. Back by 7. Pick up the car from the garage and don't forget to pay the electricity bills. Bye."I wanted to sign off with "love"! But my ego hesitated, and so did I.

I drove away.
Its almost 7pm.A couple of minutes early, I noted. Clicking open the lock, I entered into the pitch darkness of the house. Switching on the lights, I found its still dark. Darn! You must have not paid the bills, I mutter in irritation. And as I move into my room,I find your room to be lit in a soft light. Tip-toeing I entered your room. Lo! I find someone dozing in front of the candle, head on the table. I find a book at the foot of the bed, clothes all over the place and coffee spilled over the table. Irked, I were. Yet, I couldn't suppress a smile, watching you sleep ever so innocent. So I decide to give it up. (As always, you win!)

Heylo... Get up, will you?

Uh? What?

Hehe... Its almost dinner time. And God, what a mess? And no power too...Forgot again, eh?

Yeah...Kinda...Hope you ain't mad at me...?

Never mind... Now budge and ring for a pizza.

I light a candle and clear the room, while you help me with the dinner. Well, dialing for a pizza is help, after all, ain't it?
A candle burns at the distance, as we dig in at the pizza, laughing at ourselves.
Together, we make the best out of everything, don't we?
you ask, staring at me intense.
yeah! I nod in agreement.
Some times I feel so blessed, and I guess this is one of those times!

Touch Wood!!


awwwwwwwwww this one leaves a loving lingering smile on d face!!! so beautifully and simply told ... a tale of love and life! we love inspite of .... not because of! and yes - touchwood!!!

Lovely! You are such a sweetheart! The best part of the write was the King size bed!! :P ...keep penning dear....I love reading every bit of it!! :)