Yeah! That is just so very true. The simplest and easiest thing with me is to get hurt. I need no reason, no trigger, no situation. Nothing at all. At times I wonder if I am going insane? Or is it just one of those 'bad-hair-days'? The simplest of things now put me off. I can't understand what is happening. Nor can I express or explain myself in words. In this limited space, where I normally do type out a million words, I find myself falter. There's this fear now, and I feel averse to this blank white space, as though it knows more than what I want to give out, and threatens to give myself away.

Scribbles, ever so random ones, I cannot manage anymore. Suffocating, I am now, and the hurt has surfaced, all over again. And I know, I can go no more- so I ask, does it matter that I don't? Nay, it never did, I gather. No, I realise.



And I thought I was the only one to feel so! What do I do when I feel so? Close my eyes and think of where I want to be and start believing I am there. Any place with anyone I like. Try, it'll work. Ok...too much funda I guess. :)

And waise my sister's wedding! Not mine for God's sake! Am sick of hearing about it! Even at the wedding, "Tara's next!". Uff! And now even in blogville! :\

What about yours? When is the D-day? Not decided yet? :)

hmm..someone here seems to be having a 'real' bad mood..
and someone also seems to have forgotten the topic that I had given her to write on :P sure u'll be back rocking from this passing phase...

@ tara
thank you so much for ur kind words!! i am better now, thankfully :)

uhoh..sisz weddin eh? the rong wind in here!! :D mine? itz a long tym frm now..2011 I gather :)

@ praveen
hehe :D apologies - for not writin on ur topic..juz didnt get anythin to write :D