Ah! Love Bites!!

Love Bites!!

I am not talking of those love bites that are often masked with the dab of compact or concealer. No, no... Am talking of the emotional trauma and pain that often comes along with love. Most of it are tolerable, when you know the love is mutual and the pain is just momentary. When in love, the emotional strings attached are often sources of enormous joy as well as sorrow. You get affected by every slight change in your lover. The attitude, the words, the silence- everything finds a new meaning, different each time over. And its a dependence that drags you in, deeper and deeper with each passing day. But as rightly said, there is a hidden pleasure behind these momentary tiffs and heart aches. For, end of the day, there is always a sweet making up, and you bond closer than before! So in steady relationships love bites just add spice to the blooming love!

But in case of a love unrequited, the heart ache is rather a heart break. Watching the one person, for whom you could even try eating broccoli, (er...figurative, you can pick your own food, the one thing you earnestly dislike!) walk away, is one of the hardest things in life. And often, it leaves a scar that cannot be wiped off. Yeah, time does play the role of a concealer as it heals the ache over time. Some of these lonely hearts try to find another heart with which it can start a new therapy, while certain others switch over to the Devdas Era, and then there's a sudden boom in the liquor and beverages industry. I often wonder how would these beverage corps do without these Devdas-es! God bless these guys! They help an industry survive! Truly magnanimous, ain't they?

Yeah, talking about love bites, there's a third category. Here the victims are actually innocent. They would have just rejected some proposal and continued with their lives, without bothering or even noticing the love bite on their counterparts in this drama. And then the other person gets violent and revengeful and the whole scene gets messy. Here there is victimization where the innocent gets a love bite, despite having no definite role to play. And I gather this is the hardest of love bites!

So love hurts... If not you, it hurts some one else...! Yet, there's nothing like Love!!! Its the only pure emotion that has the power to change your world and mine!! Ain't it in itself a contradiction??!

Ah! Love bites!!


Of course, Love Hurts! But when it's a pain that can be resolved, as you say, it makes you tolerant of it, and one sometimes even takes pleasure in it :) Because it leads to the kiss and make up part!

However, it is the innocent spurner [lol, just created that word!] who most often is the victim, of obsessive love. One has read of so many incidents where tragedy has befallen many a soul who dared to refuse the offer of love! But.. is that Love?? Love?? I think I shall differ on that score- if indeed it was love, the one who was hurt by rejection, would never inflict it on the object of love! An obsessive emotion that comes with that fondness, is not, NOT love!

That was my take :)

I like the way you are now building up this blog :) And a fine re-start:) Hope to read more from you, here too!

after reading all that, am happy that I've stayed away from love bites until now:D

@ usha mema

yea, i totally agree...Obsession can never be called love! thanks for jottin down ur take on it :)

@ praveen

hehehe!! juz as the sayin goes "Shaadi ka laddu khaoge to pachtaoge, nahi khaoge to bhi pachtaoge"...! i guezz its the same with love too!!

thanks for the comment praveen!

*green* as my picture!!

Whatta makeover, girl, whatta makeover!!!

Congrats!!! Now this is more u!!!

Love it!!!!

First time here ...

Yes Love does hurt, and even though they say 'it's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all', it hurts :)

Reminds me of the Shahrukh, Saif and Kareena Ad "I love you so much it hurts!" :)

Very nice blog :)


yea indeed, now that u mention it, itz quite like de Ad :P thanks so much for droppin by!! :)

Now that was a very mature topic handled very very effectively.... well said! :) Keep penning!!

If not you, it hurts some one else...! Yet, there's nothing like Love!!! Its the only pure emotion that has the power to change your world and mine!! Ain't it in itself a contradiction??!

Cannot help but echo ur words when u have portrayed it in such simple words... :)


Love hurts :- It's official now