Awarded :)

I guess, November has proved to be Sweet, once again! I have just been conferred the Free Spirited and Independent Blogger Award, by Usha mema, Shalini, Praveen and Rini. Firstly I'd want to thank them, for this rare honour!!! Thank you!

And now to pass it on. I would want to share this with:

1. Rukhiya

2. Jagadeesh

3. Soumya

Congratulations everyone!!!




btw, I had also given u the same award:D

@ Rini
thanks so much! n congrats to ya too!!

@ Usha mema
Thank you!! *beaming*


Thanks so much! sorry, I din know :P

Congratulations!! And you deserve it...

@ Mahita

Thanks so muchhhhh! :)

@ Sandeep!

Thank you, thank you!! :)

Tagged :)

congratulations all over again.. you deserve many many more..
shall be catching up with your posts soon ..
as of now.. take care :)