It's the very first time I have been tagged... Thanks to Usha Mema, am ready for some action, and here I go...!!

Your oldest memories

My oldest memories eh? Hmm... The earliest of memories I have is of my trip to India. I must have been almost two and half years of age. I remember vaguely the preparations for the trip, the endless hours of shopping, tagging along with mom and dad, whining and cribbing for a doll house, getting yelled upon, and still bawling at the loudest of voices. And I remember being granted my wish, sitting all smug in our car, admiring my very own doll house, while my mom and dad sat in muted silence... And I have vague memories of being friendly with an air hostess, with the same name as mine, getting a doll from her and visiting the air hostess cabin...Just vague memories, which I confirmed with my mom, just a while back!!!

And I remember my walks with grandpa, on most evenings of our vacation in India. Holding his hand, I'd walk to the small grocery shop near home and he'd talk to everyone on the streets, introduce me to them, saying I'm the foreign return kid (oooh... I loved hearing that!! hehe :D) And by late eve we'd walk back home with some peanuts in my hand... English was the only language I knew then, and I'd chatter endlessly with my grandpa, about life abroad, my school, mom and dad and much much more...! Missing Grandpa now :)

So thats it- my earliest, oldest memories!

-What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years!! It seems like eons ago!! Ten years ago, I'd been in the stage of transition from a kid to a teenager... An age of all woes and a hell lot of attitude problems. With all the usual pangs of adolescence, rebellious in thoughts, yet not that brave to let the thoughts out. Friends meant the world to me, then. Studies were never much of a deal, for I've always managed to do well academically (*pats myself!!* hehe) Its also the time when I wrote my first poetry. I still remember the poem...It was an art project at school... Painting and renovation work was going on at home and amidst all the clutter and noise, I managed to find a peaceful spot and sat down to write my first poetry! Pleased with myself, I stepped out to get myself some water, during which someone got hold of my poetry. I heard the laughs downstairs and ran along, to find my poetry being scorned.... I still remember the anger and ache I felt at that moment... But then, I got the top scores at school for my poem. And ever since, I haven't let go of my poetry!! I guess this is the one gift I got ten years ago...! Apart from that, everything had been the same...The normal life of a 13 year old...!


Today, am glad I'm me!! Truly narcissistic a statement, I know! But then, I know I couldn't have asked for being anyone other than me. I enjoy my life, every single moment is special and utterly so...! I have the ups and downs of life, just as every one... Yet, I know I can manage it all.. In the final year of graduation, at CMC, I have reached that stage where I know that my college days are coming to an end, and soon, I'd be ready to step out into the actual space of Life and Living. But I look up to it with awe, and so full of dreams! And I believe, I'm gonna do it well and make it BIG!! :)

These five years at Calicut, have molded me to the person that I am. Juggling my time between studies and home, I know I have absorbed and learned, more than ever. College has been an enriching experience, academically and in terms of experiences. Have had a very topsy curvy life at college... With a lot of troubles starting from ragging to adjustment problems, tiffs with classmates, warnings from principal and a lot much more... Maybe I'd start off my college era as a separate post sometime, if there are any takers, I mean!

I had been at home with just my grandma for some time. And its been one of the best things that has happened to me.But these times of being together has changed me to an extend unexplainable!! From knowing to manage a household( Yups, I know it all...from pretty decent cooking to taking care of all the monthly bills, the medical check ups to the grocery shopping, the arguments at the fish markets to the maintenance works at home, its been an amazing experience that I'd never ever forget!), these days have made me the person I am, today! And I am indebted, to Life for throwing such experiences at my way...!!


Tomorrow...! I am currently on a month leave from college. So I'd be at home tomorrow. Have some chores at home to be done... Slaying the dragons, as Usha mema says...hehehe!! Apart from that, I need to pay the telephone bills and one of our taps have gone on strike..So need to get a plumber too. And maybe, I'd find some time to study. Have exams nearing. Final year, the pressure just kills...! So yea, that is about tomorrow!

-What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

This is my favourite question in this tag :) 14 years from now, I find myself happy and gay, sharing my life with my adorable Googligan Husband ( Hehehehe!!!) and my lovely little kids - Nakshatra, Prithvi, Arthvika and Gagan!! ( Lolz... I have a liking for excess..! hehehe!!) and working, either at any hospital or else at any Pharma company in the United Kingdom( Well, my husband would get a posting there. So, fixing upon UK)!! That's the picture I have in my mind!! :)

There are a lot many more dreams and visions...But, I'd grade them personal...! So this is it for you to know!! :)

-If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My family, friends and dear ones! A good luck charm I cherish so much, that my life could never be the same without it. Its a memoir from one of the dearest persons in my life, who unfortunately is no more... And my Diary, that has soaked in my tears and smiles, joys and sorrows! I guess that'd be it!! :)

It has been such a fabulous ride, this tag... Got me wind up and down the path of my life, till date!! Thanks once again Usha mema!!! And am I supposed to tag people now??? ( Am pretty ignorant about how this tag thingy works!! )


Oh I absolutely loved the ride down this corridor!!!!!

Very very very you Sash:) So utterly natural and so absolutely [again!!] energetic!!

God bless that all of that happens in a few years time, with you and yours... :D!!!

And now, you are to select a few friends that you want to do the tag.. and pass it on to I did to you:)

Loved this!!!

cool way of interpreting the tag..

one doubt ..wat does "Googligan" mean?

loved those memories as a kid..I could picturise y bawling for the doll house and walking proudly with ur grandpa

@ Usha mema
*beaming*!! hehehe!! thank YOU!!!

@ Praveen
thanks a bunch for the read! Googligan....? hmmm..letz juz say that it means foodie!!!! for more details u may ask usha mema, who coined the word!! hehehehe!! ;)

This is also fabulous... :)... U have a way of putting words and yarning a story... a true bard.... :)