My Bucket List :)

There are things and things to do, in this life. Here are some of the few things I'd want to do, some of the people I'd want to meet, places I'd want to go, or experiences I'd want to savour...!! Sharing some of those, in random order!! :)

  • Gondola Ride at Venice!! Sounds so so romantic, nay? :)
  • CEO!! Quite obsessed with the term, I am. I wish to have my own Business Empire :D
  • Go Sailing :P
  • Learn to drive one of those :D Hehehe!!
  • Learn to swim :)
  • Get a nose piercing done!! This one is soon gonna be true :P
  • Get a tattoo!! Inked for life, indeed!
  • Learn to make excellent fish curry!! Someone juz luvz it :D
  • Get paid for my work!! Juz waiting for the first ever pay check..sigh! It till seems a while away!!
  • To practice and give a proper professional stage performance of Bharatnatyam :)
  • Spend a week in Kashmir, the paradise on earth!!
  • Meet Abhishek Bachan. Just so that I can get over him. And get on with my life :P
  • Visit the leaning tower of pisa!!
  • Visit Bora Bora, once in my lifetime!!
  • To lose weight n get those perfect curves!! Hehehe!! :P
  • Publish a Book!! Sounds so far fetched, I know! But the, I reeli want to, someday...!!
  • Bungee jumping!! Have never had the chance to, so far! Once I do, I will, for sure!!
  • Meet Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam... One of the finest minds. I loved his Wings of Fire, and ever since, have wanted to meet him in person!! :)
  • To finally get to meet a few of the wonderful souls I've found in this virtual world! N I mean just a very few special ones!! :)
  • Adopt a baby :) I wish I could...!
  • Benaras! I want to make a trip there, alone :)


Thats quite a list:))
Benares is a place I visist on and off..:)

Venice:)yes does sound romantic:)

hope the publishing dream comes true soon:)))

Ummm... nice bucket list! A lot of these are what I want to do too... Venice, and the bike especially.

Pssst.. when Arjun gets home, I am going to ride his Thunderbird :P He's promised to teach me :D!

Can't wait for the day!

Wish your list becomes a reality...

I specifically wish, that adoption comes true , since i had that on my list..which didnt materialise..

i have read somewhere write your own obitiuary column and work towards that...

thanks a bunch indyeah!! quite a long list indeed :P

@ Usha mema
whoaa!! i am dead sure u'll learn before I do..hehe!!do ask him if hez interested in taking more students!! hehehe!! :)

Love you!!

am glad to see someone who wishes to adopt a matters a great deal to me, to be able to adopt someone...hopefully, I will, in a few years time :)

thank you for dropping by!