Knowing the random me- A tag!

I have been tagged by Tara and Deeps for this tag. Now that am done with the theory exams, I am a free bird. Well, not exactly one, coz I still have my clinics n labs left. Sigh! But then that is supposed to be another post of mine. And to all those well wishers of mine, who helped me through with Prayers, I'd just wanna say Thank You So Much!! My papers so far went okay, nothing great to boast of, but decent enough to get me outta college! I have my last paper on Friday, and then am all done :) So, THANKS AGAIN!!!

Now getting back to the tag, let me just give a quick review regarding the actual rules. And let me add on a disclaimer here. I am nasty with rules, and I bend them much to my liking! So if that happens here, I am not to be blamed please!

The Random Tag Rules : Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

You have to link the person who tagged you.

So, here goes the odd random trivia regarding myself :P

1. I am a Hypochondriac.

Lol! A mild case rather. Having to learn of all the umpteen diseases and medicines and blah blah, I can't be blamed, right? If I find something a wee bit out of order, or feel like it, I go hay wire, wondering -

Oh it could be this. Or, rather, could it be that. Hey wait, maybe am overreacting. But, what if...? The questions are endless. But then, it doesn't last that long either. I normally tend to forget about all the so-called symptoms in a jiffy. But I sure am growing out of this hypochondria thingy. Phew!! That is such a huge relief, really!

2. I kinda expect the whole wide world to like me.

Something I dread and literally hate in me. If I happen to know that someone thinks of me in a rather unpleasant sort of way, it gets me in the doldrums for a rather very long time. I know, and am always told by friends and family, that I can't expect the entire world to like me. But then, that is just what I actually expect! But, I really am trying to change. I don't want to get hurt coz of my attitude. I know it is never really possible! Ohhh, why can't it be, nay?

3. I am fussy about food.

Yeah, I am really fussy about my food. I cant manage to be near food with Brinjal in it. Just a faint tinge of it makes me feel all sick, and I get the urge to throw up. Well, not a pleasant read, this tag is turning out to be, I understand :P And yeah, I can't handle Fish of any sorts (except Prawns, which I argue to be not really a fish.) I always get lectured to have fish, for its high antioxidant content of omega-3-fatty acids, which is proven to be highly beneficial to health.It actually decreases the risk for atherosclerosis, and myocardial infarction. Well, I got a bit carried away with the medical trivia. Sorry :D

But, I am learning to cook fish delicacies coz Mr.Pea can't even have a bite to eat without fish. Sigh! And my mom loves to see me sweat it out in the kitchen trying to get the fish fry, just right!

4. I can't help not "doing a Monica"!! Sigh!

Yeah, another quirk. Lol. I just can't get the concentration to learn if I find something a wee bit out of place, in my room. Everything, and by everything, I mean Everything!! Right from the paintings and picture frames on the walls being at the right angles, to the rugs being just in its place; from the blanket being folded just right to having the comb in the exact spot, it is supposed to be, everything has to just right on spot. Else I freak out. Well, you can call it "Doing a Monica!!" (F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame...Hehe)

But this quirk is just when I have to study. Else, I don't really mind much if anything's out of place. I can just find my sister glaring at me on reading that. So well, its just me who thinks that way, I realize. Pity, nay?

5. I don't read Newspapers!

Well, it ain't something I am proud of. But, unfortunately it is so very true. I can give you a billion excuses as to why I don't, but none would be true. So, I'd rather not venture into something of that sort. I am always coaxed, and even threatened by Mr.Pea and my parents, to pick up the habit. But I never manage to. I do try to get myself up-to-date about the news though.(courtesy news channels, friends and family..hehe) If you are wondering what is so wrong with the newspapers, I have no answer. I often wonder the same :D

6. I am addicted to getting myself clicked! :D

A highly narcissistic indulgence of mine. It could get real weary for the photographer. Trust me. I am never ever happy with my pics, and the session could go on for hours relentlessly, until I am satisfied (Lol! Satisfied? Now, That is a Joke!) My sis Sona is my self-proclaimed official photographer. And nowadays, as soon as I say the words "snap/ pic/ click/ camera" she scoots, for the love for life, I guess. She always keep warning Mr.Pea of what exactly is in store for him all through his life- The Narcissistic Me and all my indulgences ( Which is a long list, either ways!)

7. I am empathetic

"She's frequently kind..." goes the Billy Joel track. And I guess, I can say that about me.
This is something I have realized about me, through out my college. I don't know if it is for the good, or not. But its something I like about myself. I take extra effort to make people smile. I spend hours to keep company to a lonely friend. I find myself giving away lessons to neighborhood kids prior to their Big exams.I try to do the little little things I can, to help people. I have just started to read out stuff at the geriatric care center in my city. And these are moments I cherish. It brings me more happiness than most times.

8. I am egoistic.

I have had the misfortune of losing friends to misunderstandings. It doesn't happen often, but yeah it has happened. And I have never ever been able to come to terms with it :( And, it not like I don't try. I do. But after a certain effort, I don't. I get egoistic about apologizing for something I haven't been at fault. So there goes the story!

9. I love Kids.

Well you must be wondering who doesn't? Its true. I just adore kids, especially the little ones. Am really good with them too- right from an infant to a toddler to a naughty school going one. And even with teenagers, I am pretty much at ease. And when ever I attend weddings or any such functions, I often end up with a gang of kids whom I have never met before. I just love pampering and getting pampered :)

10. I have tried running away from Home.

Lol. I have tried my hand at running away from home, and that too at the ripe age of 7 I guess :D Call it one of those moments I don't like to think of, now. I still wonder what would have been had I succeeded. I dread thinking of it even. I love my family and friends and my life so much, that I just can't imagine myself far away, leading a life so different from this one. God!! Thank you!!

11. I love the green hopper!

Green hopper!! I kinda love seeing them :P Maybe after my grandma mentioned to me that having green hoppers visiting you, brings good luck and good money!! Hehe!

12. I have the habit of reading all through daily chores.

Yeah, you can always find me with my nose inside a book. I go to sleep reading, and every morn when I wake up, I find my spectacles and book on the bed, sometimes squashed under the pillow. I pick the book, wear the glasses on and move around to the bathroom, reading while I brush my teeth, floss, and even in the loo at most times. (I know it sounds gross!) And breakfast with my book in one hand, off to college with my bag and the book squeezed in. I even read during classes, and break times. And when back at home, I pick my pillow and move onto the terrace, where I have a wide platform attached to the railings, where I can lie down and read. I LOVE IT :)

13. I wish to see Abhishek Bachan at least once in my lifetime!

I am normally not someone obsessed with celebrities. But when it comes to Abhishek Bachan, I could go cranky. I just adore the suave handsome man that he is! Awwww....I better control drooling over him. Hehe. Jokes apart, I really want to meet him once. For what? To get over him! Hehehe!

14. I have weird dreams.

Truly weird , most of my dreams are. Most often with no correlation, no basis and no element of sense to it. The frames keep shifting from one to another within a jiffy, leaving me a string of odd poorly-formed instances. And I try real hard in placing them right, and decipher out what exactly the entire thing meant. But in vain! Just to get you an idea, I'll share one of my recent dreams. Trust me, I actually DID see this stuff.

Scene 01: Room no- 70, Medical College Hostel.
Its exam time. Everyone's busy mugging up. Discussions and combined studies are all over. I am reading something too. And watching everyone work so hard, I get my panic attacks. I just feel like getting away. And I run out of the room, all through the corridor to the door that opens into the backyard, where we have provisions for drying clothes.

Scene 02:The door opens.
I step out of the door to find myself running over Snow! Yeah, its frigging snowy all around, and am dressed in cloaks all off a sudden. I can find my professor running over to catch hold of me. I don't look back.I keep running, and running.

Scene 03:
Pierce Brosnan!! Yes, the ultimate hero, James Bond, materializes in front of me from nowhere. He grabs my hand and pulls me down through a trap door. I am saved. Rescued by him. I look up to thank him.

Scene 04:
I am writing my exam. Time out bell rings. My paper is blank, and its snatched away from me.

I woke up startled after that though! So now, you get the idea, don't you?

15. I had an invisible friend during my childhood.

I remember having an invisible friend during my childhood, who was visible to none but me. I have spent quite a lotta time with this friend of mine. It had got my parents worried, at that point of time. But I did grow out of the fantasy. But what I haven't told them is, I still like to think I have that friend. And I used to address my Personal Diary by this friend's name :)

16. I want to have four kids!!

Hehe!! I really like to have four kids, a dog and a husband :D But, I don't know how practical it would be - with a sailor hubby, my career and blah blah! Well, lets see how we Fare!! Lol!!

17. I enjoy star gazing every single night.

I have a small open terrace adjacent to my bedroom. So every single night I'd take my pillow and lie down on my terrace platform, gazing at those twinkling miracles. Its such a wonderful feeling. I started watching stars after my best friend coaxed me to try it. And I am grateful to him, for introducing me to something this wonderful.

18. I hate hanging wet clothes to dry and folding them neat after drying.

I hate this job. Washing doesn't seem this bad. But hanging it out for drying, sure tires the hell out of me. It irritates me to no extend. And the post drying work- I just long to burn the clothes to avoid folding them.

19. I don't brush twice a day. Once done, am glad!

Yeah, its true. I just brush once daily. I usually sleep off direct on bed, reading- either academic stuff or else fiction. Whatever be it, its not a planned process. And so, I never really brush twice. But I haven't got even a single cavity. So it's well with me, I say :D

20. I trust my instinct and intuition when it comes to people.

I am someone who believes in intuition and mental vibes. Most often than not, I've always been right about people. I trust my instinct and intuition. If it asks me to stay away from someone, I make it a point that I do. And no matter how nice the person could be, I'd still want to keep my distance.

21. I am uncomfortable being at big malls and parties and page -3 lifestyle events.

I don't know why its so. But I prefer the cozy comfort of a small eat-out joint or a book store to a huge mall with all its hangout places. I feel out of place in such a space. It appears to me to be too vibrant, with too much of shocking colours that contrast and contradict. I'd like a quiet stroll down the street, stopping to watch kids and smell some flowers, stopping by a street vendor to have pani puri, and laughing about the good things of life.

22. I hate Cafe Coffee Day. And have vowed never to visit one ever again.

I have one of the the sickest of experiences at a CCD. And ever since, I have vowed to stay away from that bloody place, for good.

23. I love to travel.

Its a beautiful experience to travel. I have had just a hand few trips,that is it. But hopefully, I'll manage to get away once in a while to the quiet solitude of myself.

24. I have been lucky to have found kindness and love always in life.

I have been lucky to have found love, and kindness- at places and times I least expected to. Be it someone offering me my bus fare, when I realized I have forgotten my wallet at home. Or, during an unexpected stranger coming to my aid during an accident. I remember being kissed by a little kid while shopping at for grocery. I have always found companionship through out my life. And I consider myself to be special, coz I have had some special moments as these.

25. I am a sucker for tags, I realize :P

I have just realized something random about myself, here. That I am in love with tags.Hehe. I found myself tagged today eve, when I opened my blog. And I just couldn't resist getting it done, despite of having one more exam to be done with. Well, I don't really care. I enjoyed doing this. And so I am pretty happy that I did this one, sparing no time to waste!!

So, there I am. All done with this tag! I am not tagging anyone in here. Anyone and everyone is free to pick up this Tag and get it done! So do tell me how well I have done this one?!?!


Sashu what a beautiful tag!:)and :D very me in a lot of places..:Dlol@hypochondriac..:D
awww kids:)yeah they are cute...

God bless you:)always!


wayyyyyyyyyyy coooooooooooooolll response to an overdone tag!
loved it!
read it and will surely quote it if i havta ;)

Ahh interesting tag!

I have done it before.. but you have put your heart out here...

I own it- You kept my interest from sentence number one to the very last! You have had some experiences :)

Brinjal? Fish(Except Prawns), Newspaper, Kids .... are you my alter ego?(I dread the feeling of seeing myself as a girl :x) :P

HighFive! Go kick your examsawy from sight and write on, while you read :P

You had me glued girl! And since I concur the most with the 25th, I'm doing this right away! Shyaah, you spoil your juniors :P

nice tag..
wishes to you..

So... What have I learnt?

1. A hypochondriac who goes *hyper*
2. An empathetic, yet egotistic narcissist.
3. A dreamer, all right!

Neat. Good to know the different Sashu's in lady Sashu... :)


I hardly ever do tags! I was forced to do this on facebook... And once Tara tagged me, I figured I'll just paste this on blogger. :)

But the wrong post featured on people's blogrolls/dashboards. x-(

Peace. Have a nice day.

Very me in some places...that's the beauty of such tags, you realize how similar you are to some people! Thanks for doing it so wonderfully dear and so prompt too, really glad! :)

"Addicted to getting myself clicked"
Totally me, but I don't have such a patient sister! So self service works fine for me and the results aren't that bad either! :D

running away at 7...great achievement:P

me too crazy abt getting myself clicked;)

and brushing..same roomies say I've one of the worst bad breaths that they've experienced in their lifetime..:P

Love you all the more, my dear one :) :)

Beautiful, beautiful tag :)

That was most heartwarming-ly done tag. Hmm.. Abhishek Bacchan?? Yeah I will join you! ;)

I am yet to do this one.

I breezed through this one... and found it very interesting!! You're a a very frank person!!

Love ya for the person that you are :)

Hey, where is the comment I left long back...Sashu...coming back to the blog, it was interesting to know you more ...