Weakness - (A story)

I love this feeling. Of being able to play you like a harp. Ah, this is such a satiating feeling to watch you forget the world. Looking down at you I smile inwardly. I know to wield you around, feel your senses dissolve and melt, in the height of passion. I know, right now, as you are sleeping, you are calm and happy. Your thoughts never stray to dissect our love-making .Nor does it tread out a plan for the future. It is content yet flushed, hungry yet satiated. I love to watch you sleep. It thrills me to find you cuddled up against my skin, your breath coming in as a soft caress. Goose flesh! I like to feel the stubble of yours tickle me, and I like the feeling of intimacy.

The morning is a few hours away. I can't wait to wake you up with a coffee. I know by mind, the expression you'd have on your face. A shrug, and a sigh. How fast the time speeds by, nay? The feeling of wanting, and the feeling of not having. I love to see the torture. I like it when you hate to leave me. I love the sense of power I possess. I love it.

Do you know why I never come to wave you bye? Because I feel weak when I see you go. I feel that I shrink back into being the loner I am. I need to have you around. Not for security, not for love. Yes, I have no shame in saying I don't love you. I need you to feel powerful. I need you to mask my weakness. I thrive by gaining power from your weakness. So I never come to see you off.

As you stir awake, I smile. I am the queen, once again. Even the night scares me. Even sleep scares me. What if I go back to being the weakling I am? What if I get no more of you?

"Good morning love. I hate to leave. Is it time already?" You ask as your arms reach out for me. I smile and move in close to you. "Hmmmm... Yes, am afraid it is time." I murmur. I can see the bitterness in your eyes, and I feel calm, all over again. Everything seems fine. I know, you'll be back.

I know.

I know.


wow!just wow!What a way with words you have Sashu..
I am just in awe..

Despite knowing for a fact that we will see the person yet again, saying a bye is sometimes the hardest...
Be it for a minute or for a year... Is that called "longing"? :)...

Beautiful play of words there...

@indyeah, mahita n meena :)
thanks so much for ur kind words!! thank you!!

That was beautiful...what play of words, I think you should continue...I want to read more of this story!

great use of words there..
gave weakness a new perspective

thanks so much..i was actually thinkin f expandin diz one..juz gimme some time!!!

thank you! :)

There's hardly any good in good byes?

But then I guess I get my answer :) Mask the weakness in marvel glory of memories :)

So be it.. I shall be inspired by this story and the character :)

thanks so much prabhu :) am glad!!

How beautiful yet poignant,Sash!!I surely will look forward to reading more of the story!


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