For a rainy day!

The raindrops fell harder and harder. I latched the windows shut. I heard the pounding at the door. I rushed so as to let you in. The power failed before I reached the door. I offered you the dry towel, and went over to set the table for dinner. In the darkness, I walked over to place the dishes, and I heard you sit. I asked for your cigerette lighter. You didnot answer me. Nor did you smell of tobacco, tonight. I could hear the clatter of the spoons as you silently ate, while I looked for a candle. I managed to light a candle, and I entered the room.

I found the plates wiped clean, and the bowls almost empty. I looked around for you. All over the place. In vain. I rushed to the open, looking for you. The ightening struck random. I stood, dripping wet. Just then, I watched you step out of the rickshaw, your white shirt sticking onto you. I stood still, almost reluctant to believe my eyes. You pulled me to you. Together we got back home. You told me that it could have been a fiction of my imagination. I shrugged my shoulder, in acceptance.

I walked over to the kitchen, sighing. I'd have to prepare dinner, all over again. But, on the table, I saw everything set. You told me that i indeed fell into a hallucination of some sort. I had no words to object. So I smiled, and offered to get you some warm clothes. Then, after a while, toghether we sat at the dinner table. The meal was very simple, yet we shared our laughs.

The rain still hadn't ceased. The fury or the romance, was it? I wondered. The doors had to be bolted shut, for the night. I peeked out just before closing it. That was when I saw it- a black darned umbrella and a cone of peanuts, wet. I picked it up, and brought it to you. You told me that someone could have placed it near our doors by mistake. I nodded, though hesitant to believe so. I placed it outside our doors, and latched the door shut.

The next morning, I had almsot forgotten of the night's happenings. I went to the kitchen, a fresh day of chores waiting for me. It was quite a while after, that I heard you call for me. I came out to the open patio outside. You had in your hand, the umbrella, and the peanuts, still soaked in yesterday's rain. But what caught my eyes was the wet paper in your hand. It had a portrait of a lady with a candle in her hand. And I knew it was just me.

We stood in silence and surprise, for a while. You had excuses so many and pulled me in, saying it was not meant for us. I did not respond. We walked back home. What you never noticed was that I held with me, those souveniers - the darned umbrella, the old parchment and the cone of soaked peanuts.

And, I have saved it up, for always. For a rainy day, as its said!


Told you what I needed to.

Keep shining. will ya?

Its almost like fat belly of romance- each layer oblivious of the other keeping the emotions intact :)

Candle in Hand, Souvenirs and do I need to say You attach value to things as you attach weight to words?

Btw, you have been put up in the blog :) Without askance ofcourse :)

there is some mystery in your amkes one want to read on...great, Sashu.

Beautiful...what should I say?:)
your words have power...

Beautiful...what should I say?:)
your words have power...

the magician conjures up magic every other day...
and sashu does the same with words whenever she writes:D

Simply marvellous,Sashu.Sorry,am a bit late in coming here.Have been a bit tied up at home.You have no idea how hard I try not to blog-hop lest I should get engrossed and forget to sort out what I have come to DElhi for:P.
But am glad I did visit yours.It was a wonderful read as always.
Keep it going:)