Wish Me Luck :D

Hi everyone :)

This is just a random post! Just want to get some stuff off my mind, and that is - PANIC!! God, its exams! Final year final semester! The BIG one!! And, to say the least, I am absolutely not prepared! Was too much involved with a lot of things - parents being back home , the Pea being on shore, 'meet-his-parents' dinner (PKC...Pennu Kaanal Chadangu! Lol..I'l write on that one, after exams) and blah blah! Now, it seems things have slipped out of my hands... Exams begin tomorrow (17 Feb) and I got no clues what to do!! *Wails*

Guess, I need to sign off, shut off my system, and get learning...Right? Yeah I know. But it seems so hard to do :D Hehe. Just want to say please do pray for me :P Only resort now, is that!! *Sigh!!*

So friends, Wish me Luck!! :) And I need Prayers too!!! Hopefully, I'll be back with a post , after my exams! (March 6, I have my last paper) Till then, all Love!

God Bless!! :)



:) good luck.Best wishes for the exam...

Hi Sashu!All the very best!Chak de phatte the Punjabis here say:D
I am sure you will come through with flying colours:)

I could very well see my reflection in those words! Best of luck dear, I am so sure you are going to rock the exams, and come out triumphant! :) And yes, prayers on the way...should be reaching you soon! Just keep a cool mind and things will fall into place themselves. :) Chak de!

I also use the blog to get stuff off my mind!
I think most of us thrive and do our best under pressure, you will do well :)
All the very best Sashu:)

best of luck for the exams:D

Best of luck, Sash.. :)

ente molutty poyii vaa.. :) ellam paranju sheriyakkittundu tto!

:) :)
Love u.. :) And am sure u'll do well!

all the best, dear Sashu! I am sure you will do well...and waiting to read abt the Pennu kannal!

all the best..ull come up with flying colors

I'm sure you'll do well in your exams,Sashu!Wish you all the success in life.
God Bless:)

All the best!

From Usha's comment I presume that you are a Malayali :)

How were your exams? How many left? BTW< you are tagged. :)

Hey,you've been tagged.No hurries.Do it at leisure:)