Of Words and Images - A Tag!

Am tagged by Usha mema for this one! Lets see how I end up doing it :P

The rule goes thus-I'm supposed to be pasting an image for every answer of mine,from the first page of google image search,with minimal explanation.

  • The age you will be in your next birthday:
Errr...Its said that you shouldn't ask a lady her age...! :D But then, I might as well share mine- 24!!
  • A place you’d like to travel to:Bora Bora, Tahiti! An island surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef...A mystic land of golden sands and bluest of waters...! Ah, I feel like getting away right away :P

  • Your Favorite place:
Home, sweet home!! There's no where else I'd rather be! The warmest nest, that I'd never ever wanna leave...That is home for me! :)

  • Your favorite food/drink:
A glass of Ice Cold Water! There's nothing to beat that one..Cool and soothing, it just rejuvenates me, to the maximum. Being the no-tea-no-coffee-no soft drink-no beverage person that I am( unless its exams -coffee or somewhere out with friends- soft drinks), water is just the perfect drink :)

Your favorite pets:

Puggyyyyy...! I sure ain't someone whom Maneka Gandhi would be pleased to meet :P For, I have absolutely no positive inclination to pets.I am literally scared (yea, I am :P) of all sorta animals. Even a kitten can scare me off my wits :D But, since the other pea is an ardent pet lover, we have had our share of arguments regarding the matter of keeping a pet later on. Finally, I have agreed to give in, for a Pug! Courtesy the Hutch ad! Hehe!

  • Your favorite color combination: Black and Red!! That, for me, is a killer combination. Dangerously exciting, and yet dead solid :)
  • Your favorite piece of clothing:
Well even my blog says it out loud!! Blue Jeans!! With a White Shirt...!! Nothing can beat that one!! :)
  • Your all time favorite songs:

Enigma - The Child in Us. Enigma has been my all time favorite in music. This track, The Child in Us, transports me to a mystic realm of calm and it relaxes my senses, always! Sharing the lyrics here:

prasanna vadanaaM saubhaagyadaaM bhaagyadaaM
hastaabhyaaM abhayapradaaM maNigaNair-
naanaavidhair-bhuushhitaaM who is of smiling face, bestower of all fortunes,
whose hands are ready to rescue anyone from fear,
who is adorned by various ornaments with precious stones
Puer natus est nobis,
et filius datus est nobis:
cujus emperium super humerum...
For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given:
and the government will be upon his shoulder..
Some day you came
And I knew you were the one
You were the rain, you were the sun
But I needed both, cause I needed you
You were the one
I was dreaming of all my life
When it is dark you are my light
But don't forget
Who's always our guide
It is the child in us

The translation:

Who is of smiling face, bestower of all fortunes,
Whose hands are ready to rescue anyone from fear,
Who is adorned by various ornaments with precious stones )

Puer natus est nobis,
Et filius datus est nobis:
Cujus emperium super humerum... for to us a child is born,
To us a son is given:
And the government will be upon his

Some day you came
And I knew you were the one
You were the rain, you were the sun
But I needed both, cause I needed you
You were the one
I was dreaming of all my life
When it is dark you are my light
But don’t forget
Who’s always our guide
It is the child in us.
  • Your favorite TV show:
Am not into watching the idiot box, unless am left with nothing to do!! But if at all i tend to watch TV, it has to be the cartoon series, Popeye, the sailor man! Juz adore it..hehe!! *innocent-look* :D

  • Full name of your significant other:
Well... I'd rather not put the name right out here...Let's call him Mr.Pea... The "other" pea of the pod! Courtesy, Usha mema!! Hehehe! :D
  • The town in which you live in:
Well...The land where Vasco da Gama first landed in 1498. That ought to say enough, I guess! Else, just revise your history lessons at school. Hehe:P

  • Your screen name/nickname:
Sashu...!!! :)

  • Your first job:
Since am still at college, I haven't had a first job, till date! Hopefully soon!! :)

  • Your Dream Job:

To have a Drug Discovery by my name :) Research in Drug Design and Toxicology seems to something that I'd love to be associated with. Maybe, someday....!!! :)

  • Bad Habit you have:
Nail biting! Yea, I still bite my nails, at times..It's an On-off bad habit of mine. Need to stop doing it though..Sigh!

  • Your worst fear:
Losing loved ones... :(

  • The one thing you’ll like to do before you die:
Publish my own book!! Hehe! I have no clues regarding what sort of book - poetry/novel/biography...And I really don't care which one :P Just know that I'd love to have one on my name! If wishes were horses....! Lol :P

  • The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000:
Well, it is something I would buy even if I don't get $1,000,000...Hehe! Its a Rolex Watch for my Dad. Something he wouldn't get for himself, ever. He considers even the tiniest of indulgences, an extravagance, when it happens to be something, for him! And yet, he never ever fails to smile even after I blow up a bundle on any of my crazy whims!! That's my dad dear, and for him, I'd wanna get his favorite watch! And pretty soon too!! Just wanna start earning...For that I need to get out of college...And for that I need to clear my exams... By the way, I have my final exams from Feb 17... So, people, what are you waiting for? Start praying for me :P

Well, am done with this tag too! It sure was fun :) I have cheated with the image part though...It ain't always from the first page of google search :D Couldn't help it. *Grins*!!!


Loveddd it!!!

But didn't read the disclaimer, and Deeps' Original.. lol!!

This is simply lovely, the pics, and the writes below :) :)The iced water looks heavenly, just as Hawaii does!!!

Double golden star, for you too, from a sticker pad I have... :)

Oopz... I dint know the tag had even more queznz!! hehe... well, now I have gone through Deep's post n hv edited mine all new!! :P So, temme how it looks now!! :D

Thank you for the double golden star!! hehe.. It sure brought back some memories! As a kid I was too stubborn n lazy to learn, esp during my preparatory school!!!N the only way my mom devised to teach me, was by awarding me these little stickers and bright stick on gems n stuff, on each paper, I would scribble my stuff on!! hehe!! And as thou, it wouldn't suffice, she had to pin me a golden star, on my chest, at night- after dinner!! We called it the Good Girl Award Ceremony!! Lol!! :D

P.S# It ain't Hawaii..It's the Polynesian island of Tahiti- Bora Bora to be exact!! :)

good one..here also,as with usha m'am I've some answers common with you..guess I need to just copy paste both your posts together to get my tag post done:D

Sash... sorry :) Went off line immediately almost :) And for Hawaii.. instead of Tahiti.. lol!

Well a voyage there should be abs. no problem at all, right? With a captain, the pea, all ready and waiting to carry you off.. :)


@Praveen, no copy paste.. :D!!!

hehe! don make me chant "copy cat copy cat, ask your mother to make you fat."" hehe!!! so u better get urs done!! :D n thanks for droppin by!!

@ Usha mema
In reality, therez no ship route to bora bora it seems...hehehe!! :P

You have been tagged if you havent realised it :)


A nice tag there! And yes, I have a few common answers too! :D Good luck with your Mr.Pea, congratulations dear! I remember you telling me that you want to get engaged, when's the big day? And yes, waiting for my turn of the sadhya! :P

Ahh.. You need wishes? Seeing you write one would come in here asking for prosaic verses for a wish!

Come feb 17 and they would know :)

@ prabhu

i hadn't realized i had been tagged :P thanks for letting me know!! yea, come feb 17 n i'll know what all i dont know :P *fingers crossed* :) n thanks a bunch prabhu!!

@ tara

thanks dear for dropping by! nice to see ya in here!! n de big day seems to be atleast 6 months away...more than that actually! sighhhhh! :D hehe! will let ya know for sure!! :)

You bite nails too???I'm shamelessly glad I'm not alone..LOL!!
Loved the tag immensely.
thanks so much for dropping by my blog,Sashu:)

:)Thanks for dropping in!
..I read yours too:)and loved it!Specially the home which looks really beautiful!and couldnt help noticing the big Day conversation:)
Warm wishes!God bless you both!:)


am glad tooo!!! the feelin u get wen u know that someone elze has the same prob as ya do! hehehe!! hi five!! :D n thank you for droppin by too :) hope to see ya more often!!

@ Indyeah

thanks so much! glad to c ya in here too :) big day! sigh! i get a pang everytym i hear f it...its so far awayyyyyy! hehe!! thanks so much for the wishes!