Frankly speaking, I have never really cared about Valentine's Day! To me it is just another commercial tactic to swoon in customers - be it the cards n gift galleries, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, shopping malls and blah blah blah! It is that time of the year when guys carry their hearts on their sleeves (yeah, literally- all those heart shaped bands on the wrists, I hate them!) and the girls don pinks and reds (No, I ain't saying its wrong! But, why specially this time of the year, it becomes a style statement?) , both the genders carrying teddies and cards and gifts!! A season for fretting over gifts and worrying over budgets- all the discs n pubs n hangouts being dolled up a tad too over the board. It seems a pain, to enter a coffee shop for a cup of coffee with friends and you are suddenly surrounded by balloons in heart shapes, and all the glitterati...! It seems as though Christmas has come early. Just that instead of Santa, it is Cupid with his love-bow! Sigh! Give me a break!!

Now, its not like I am prejudiced or conservative or er...drab boring. No. It is all about, why does one day have to be so special for Love? Love is such a beautiful sentiment right from the heart, all about sharing and all about togetherness and kindness and faith and everything that two hearts could share, all smiles! Love is omnipresent. Then why do we go overboard about Valentine's Day? I just fail to grasp the idea. I know some of us might come up with excuses - In the busy schedule of life, we may not get time to take out special moments to share and bond, in love. So such a day, makes everyone aware of what they have been missing, and makes it a simple way to express those feelings, hidden behind the pile of work files, and day-to-day tensions. It is a time to come out in the open and love, with out inhibitions. I do agree, in this hectic world, we often fail to make time for our loved ones. But I ask you, why does it have to be this way? If there weren't Valentine's day, wouldn't people have taken the effort and time out, to be with loved ones, to spend quality time with family and friends and love?? Wouldn't they have?? I strongly believe, they would. In spite of all limitations, they would do that special bit, for that special someone. And more often than once a year, for sure!!

I believe that I would never want go out on Valentine's day with Mr.Pea. Because, we would want to spend some time together, away from the clatter and clutter, of a noisy tribe, celebrating something, just for the sake of celebrations. Instead, I'd like to be with my dear ones, loved just as much as any other day of the calender, and sharing the beautiful feeling of Love, all through, with just us, and ours. And while the world goes ga-ga over a Valentine's Day, we'd be waking up to the same sun rays, and sipping the normal routine coffee and having the same silly tiffs, pouting and then making up; going for work, and getting home, for a quiet dinner and going to sleep, thinking how much more blessed could we be, for, we share the Love of a lifetime!! And to me, no day could beat that one! :)

Foot note: Happy Valentine's Day to believers! And Happy Loving to the rest!! hehehe!! :)


Happy Valday to you too, Sash...

But.. you see this time, the wave that is turning tidal is not about Valentine day either. While I agree with you, and so far have never celebrated it even once, considering it to be overrated, lol, this time it's about stating that those who want to should be allowed to ... and so am going the whole hog.. on Mush Goo, and all things Pink!

I think this collective voice can at least bring about a higher degree of tolerance to allowing people to make choices about what they would like to celebrate :), as Surbhi has commented on the pink post I did :D!!!

:) :) You have all the more reason to celebrate this Val Day doncha? Capt. Pea must be serenading from the bow of his ship.. :)

wishes for the valentine day to you too:)
Yeah even I find it crappy usually and a marketing gimmick...but this time love's not in the picture....we are..and our rights are..:)
loved your post and how you wished both the sets too:D

another unbeliever, although for different reasons from mine:P
Am a person who never celebrated this day, just for the plain simple reason that am single..hhehehe..
anyway on a serious note, even I were not single, am sure my own thoughts will be almost like what you've penned down here

!!Happy Valentine's day!!

Taking out a day to celebrate love might not suffice for the enormity of emotion that love defines, but then, as the tide flows, a special day with love in the air does bring in a ton of life into the relation...

Cannot claim to understand the significance of the day... I mean, significance of specifically celerating love on this day, when love has to be celebrated every single day...

Well apart from what Valentine's day has come to mean to everyone due to the Mangalore incident, my question to those who ask, why a day for love (or friendship, or for brother, remember rakhi celebrated in India??, for mother, for father et al) is "Why not??" Those who don't want to celebrate it are free to do so. Those who want to have the right to do so. And most important is the question I'd like to ask, who is stopping anyone from showing love all the rest of the 363 days?? Does one day of celebration mean you should not show love the rest of the days in the year??
As for commercialization, gifts and peer pressure and stuff.... yeah that is always there in one form or another always at every point of time, in every generation, it just changes face in different periods, that's all. Well that's my view :-) Some like grand weddings, some don't. Same way some like to celebrate with flamboyance some in a quiet manner. Those who don't believe in 'days' have the whole year for celebrating anything their way. So why not let those who want to celebrate have their 'day'?? Live and let live. :-)
Was the comment long as usual?? :-)

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