It all happened yesterday. And near our Institute of Maternal and Child Health(IMCH), a wing of Calicut Medical College. A two and a half year old girl was brutally raped last night, in the vicinity of the IMCH. The victim and her parents are street dwellers, and the mother was in labor last night, when the unfortunate (heinous) crime occurred. The child was found missing in the night, and the search began since then. The mother delivered another baby girl, while the father went on a frantic search. The child was found near the sidewalk, adjacent to a milk booth, in the wee hours of the morning. This event has been so shocking, that it is a child, whom I have seen quite so much, since they live near our college, on the streets. I can't digest this news, nor can i even think of someone actually raping a two year old. Could anything be worse than this? I am left speechless. I just had to share this with someone, and so I am here penning this out. Have an exam at 2 pm..I'll be walking by the child, once again...And I'll never be peaceful near the milk booth, where we go for coffee during late evenings and after classes. Everything seems nightmarish right now. I'll be back in the evening to fill in this space. Till then, I hope I can give my exams proper in such a state of mind :(

P.S # I had promised I'd be back...But, I ain't in great spirits to write any further.So, I'd just stop here.


OH MY GOD!!Thats a girl my daughter's age,Sashu!I'm literally shaaking.I dont know if I can honestly hope such savegery will stop from happening again.Oh my god,I'm trying to put a face to the bereaved child and noone but my daughter comes to my mind.

I dont think I'm in a state to type anymore.
Good luck with your exams.

Do you know the youngest child being raped is a 6 month child?

Such ppl r not human.. they really need to be shot dead!

Hey,i was about to write a post on the same news..

How disgusting and how sad..Its a baby who is raped..I wonder what is going thru the minds of such men..

Since the parents are 'petty' poor migrants,nobody is going to ctach the culprit..This is going to fade as just another news...

It was all over the media, the TV, and the newspapers this morning, in graphic detail.

Sick, and even more depraved are the perpetrators, who should be tortured and killed, inch by inch... The rage that fills at the thought of those people is simply overwhelming.

As is the sorrow, thinking of the terror that little one must be re-living each waking moment!

And for you all to have been aware of her before this happened and to know, and look on as she suffers...

Dear God!

Oh, that is shocking...a two year old? And raped! The persOn who is behind this must be a sick person who should be put behind bars immediately...The world such a dangerous place...
(I am new here, so hi!)

I have read of such cases and always felt the same horror.
IS the baby going to live?
Does the mother know?
What kind of unsafe lives our poor live, I feel so hopeless ...

In my comment for your last blog, I had mentioned similar incidents which happened in the past..Never thought such things will repeat like this. I just can't understand the mind of such heinous they stone their own minds before doing such horrific acts..

am sorry to hv put ya thru this state...n thanks for the wishes!

oh my god!! 6 months? i do agree...such animals needta be butchered alive.

yes, i know...the case would jus fade makes me all the more helpless n frustrated and horrified :(

thanks for droppin by :)

@Usha mema
yeah i know..everything seems so sick :( God bless her, thats the only prayer now.

indeed, the culprits needto be hanged, not behind bars..for, therez no crime more brutal than this..pedophilia, how brutal.. :(

n hi to you too :) welcome in here, more often!!

the child would survive its said. n yea, the mother got to know the news yesterday.

yes indeed praveen, it makes one feel helpless and hopeless...sigh!

I forgot to say Hi :)

Hi Sashu :)

It is a sick world out there. I have even heard a case with 3 month old girl. How sick can people get?

@ solilo
yeah, so very true...its such a sick world out here!

@ sakeeb
thanks for the link :)n yea, i'd have to agree with you there.

Absolutely shocking and sad. What kind of monsters roam around??

It is at moments like this that I really wonder if God exists and even if he/she does, why let it happen? Is it her fault that she is born a girl? She is an innocent child after all, just like all others her age. And if God really does watch everything, then what punishment would suit that criminal for having committed such a heinous crime! Even his death wouldn't equal the trauma the little angel had to undergo! Damn this world! :(

SO BRUTAL!!!! u know wht.. all this hue n cry abt human rights.. capital punishment shld be banned.. bullshit! ppl who commit such crimes must be.. pardon me for my .... whtevr.. bt they must be forced to bathe in acid!

Horrifying. I know the place, as I was there for over 10 years.We never thought such vultures hang around so near.